? about clomid and 2ww


Hi everyone, as this is my first 2ww :cross: I am a bit confused on how clomid affects your cycle. I typically have anywhere between 25 and 29 day cycles (last month was 32 days out of the blue) with the average being 27 days. Therefore, I usually get a positive OPK on day 12 and ovulate on day 13. I know because I usually get ovulation pain.

Anyway, this cycle I was on clomid and got a positive OPK on day 11 and we did the IUI on day 12. I had tons of ovulation pain on day 11 and 12… fun! Anyway, the 2ww is actually on Nov 13th which would be cycle day 26 for me. Is this typical for clomid? Does it shorten your cycles when you are ovulating semi-normally to begin with?

I saw someone talking about how fertility drugs can affect your LP, which concerns me. Shouldnt I start AF on cycle day 26 then? And I can test at that point as well right? Because if we were just trying normally and werent tracking with OPK I would probably wait until day 32 to test since I have had a cycle that long previously. I am just hoping I dont have to wait 3w instead of 2… Thanks for your help!


clomid should only shorten your cycle if you don’t otherwise ovulate. for those of us that don’t, clomid makes us ovulate and then of course, have AF…if you ovulated normally then it shouldn’t have much effect. good luck and :bsv: -a-