About Surrogacy


It is an unbelievable feeling when you hold your baby. Our son was also born in Ukraine through surrogacy). Previously we were dealing with infertility long 3 years. Due to a number of failed IVF attempts, my husband and I made the decision to investigate surrogacy and joined Surrogacy in Ukrainian. The clinic was quite ok for such price (around 30,000 euros for everything). It was some cons but it wasnt so huge. Lines to the doctors office were really exhausted but we were ready to do everything at that time. Believe me, temporary unpleasantness you forgot when you will see your newborn baby. The big advantage of the Ukrainian surrogacy is its legality.


I have been through surrogacy in Bio tex, Ukraine and I can say that the feeling is so fulfilling.
Many intended parents who choose surrogacy do so because they’re struggling with infertility, either because of genetics, because they’re a same-sex couple who cannot have children on their own, or because they are single. The disappointment and stigma of infertility can be harsh, which is why surrogacy gives parents a chance to overcome these issues and successfully have biological children. Raising a child from birth: Surrogacy gives intended parents the chance to not only raise their child from the moment they’re born but also actively be involved in the pregnancy. Not all adoptions can offer the same advantages. Being involved every step of the way: Intended parents are able to be a part of every milestone of their surrogate pregnancy, from embryo transfer to their child’s birth. This way, intended parents can experience the pregnancy process in a way they may have never originally dreamed they could. Building a special relationship with the surrogate: While surrogacy is technically a business transaction, it’s much more to intended parents and surrogates. Usually, intended parents will form an intimate bond with their surrogate as they learn more about her and her family throughout the surrogacy process.


Just superb, hun, I’m so happy for you!! May your tiny ladies come to this world healthy and happy.
You’ve had enough, luv, god love you poor thing with your cancer sufferings…But god blessed you. I know the situation with surrogacy in Japan. In my opinion it shouldn’t be banned as it gives hope of parenthood for so many infertile couples! But the things are like they are. This is nice you chose Ukraine as destination. Friends of mine passed surrogacy there 2 yrs ago and were blessed with a lovely baby girl. We asked more how the process went for them there and realized there were super options at the clinic for our case. So we started research on ivf with donor egg there and soon found ourselves at the same biotex like them. We tried 2 shots with own egg home first but never got success. We put in yrs and huge money sums with no luck ever! That was frustrating to get to know we could save double price if went to biotex from the very begining!! This struggling is a huge investment always. We were lucky to get our baby after 2 shots with them. Then thought we wanted more kids. So currently are back to the process for a sibling with the same clinic. Wish me good luck.