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The Surrogacy Category


I would really like to know what’s behind this ‘‘category’’? Should we discuss here dxs which lead people to surrogacy? Well anyway, I’m here to share some of the thoughts on the point. To my mind, surrogacy is a true blessing for the infertile who cannot carry pregnancy themselves. No matter how world feels about it, whether it supports surrogacy or not, it’s just the option tp count on in case you live childless and don’t want to keep this status for longer. There aren’t so many countries allowing it. Many of them have already banned the process. Yet other ones have restrictions. I’ve got to know pretty much about surrogacy 'cause a friend of mine is infertile; thay had to have the carrier for their baby. So I was the one she shared her news and expectations with. Judging from their story surrogacy is a rollercoaster 'cause you involve another woman into the process and have to deal ‘‘from the side’’. But afterall you get your baby at the end. Come on, lovelies, let’s share more stories on the thread.