? about when to take clomid


So today is day 35, my last cycle was 32 days. I took hpt this am and it was a:bfn: . This is my 5th round of clomid on 150mg. Last month was the first time that I ovulated. Is it possible that I didn’t ovulate this month even if I did last month? Also, should I start provera tomorrow to get a period then start the clomid again? Or should I wait a few more days and take another hpt? If I’m not pregnant and I dont start my period do I have to take provera to make me have a cycle then start clomid again or can skip the provera and start the clomid? I am so sick of this! I wish I could be a normal person and didn’t have to do this!! I hate pcos! :grr:


If you haven’t started then I would take the med that will make you start and then on day 3 or 5 (depending on what your doctor told you) take your clomid. Trust me, I have PCOS as well and just had my first IUI and I wish I was normal at times too :wink:


Thanks for the advise. Good luck to you, hope you get good news soon! :babydust: