Activity day after IVF


Amazing how many questions there seems to be but is it ok to take a roadtrip (I am not the driver) the day after an IVF? Its about 7hrs.



I think it should be fine but maybe consider stopping every couple hours to stretch and keep the blood circulating?


I would say its fine, but then I flew 4hrs 2 days after mine. Like the pp said, stop every so often to stretch your legs & drink plenty if fluids


Is it after the retrieval of the transfer ? If it is just a retrieval then I would think that is fine. However if it is after an embryo transfer then I think it is bedrest. I just had a transfer on Tuesday and was put on strict bed rest for 2 days- only allowed to get up for the bathroom or a quick snack. I was even instructed on the car ride home and for the next 2 days to keep my head lower than a 45 degree angle. Good luck!


It fine … If its after retrieval u may be uncomfortable depending on how many eggs they got. A lot of clinics go back to business as usual anyway not like you’re jumping in a trampoline


After reading these forums for awhile you’ll see different REs have different ideas on activity levels after ET. I was back to normal activity with no bedrest or anything, so I think you’ll be fine (as another poster said, take stops to stretch and get the blood moving). If it’s after ER you might be a little sore, but should be fine as well.