Actual surrogacy story


Hello, all! Just thought there haven’t been any success surrogacy stories on the board recently. So wanted to tell one.
We’re in the case of DE IVF actually, but a good friend of mine has a baby girl from surrogacy in Ukrainian Biotexcom clinic. Here how it went for them.
The very first thing is that a couple must be officially married in time the first appointment is conducted. They had to show the papers proving that she couldn’t get pregnant. Then they flew to Ukraine, where were met and offered the hotel (for the clinic’s expense!). The next morning they were driven to the clinic where all the necessary testing was done. That very day they also visited their doctor. And there was no language barrier as an interpreter was by their side every minute. So they had a great chance to clarify every single question. After that all the papers were signed and the first sum or money was paid.
The second appointment was conducted in order to get sperm and retrieve eggs. They used their own eggs for the procedure. That day her eggs were fertilized with her husband’s sperm. On the fifth day after that the embryo was transferred to surrogate mother. (By the way, traditional surrogacy is banned in Ukraine.)
Then they had a two week wait for the pregnancy test. Thanks to God it was positive and their surrogate had the first scan approximately in a month. That was their first time they saw her real!! o_O
After that every month the surrogate was to come for being scanned. And my friend received every single photo and video from the procedure with translation. On week 32-34 their surrogate came to Kiev and they all waited for the childbirth at the place. Their baby girl was born by planned Caesarean, so they had to stay longer than three days in the clinic.
Then the surrogate signed the papers of her baby refusal and the deal was almost done. After all the papers in the embassy were ready they flew home.
Good luck with your surrogacy routes !! :slight_smile:


Hello Samantha. Thank you for sharing your friend’s story. Hopefully and with all the pain and despair, our dreams finally come true. we also became parents via gestational surrogacy in Ukraine. everything is fine with relevant legislature there. that’s true. what about egg donation? Have you already tried ED IVF or are you’re just opting?


It’s so nice to read successful stories! Thank you Sam for telling us about your friend! I also want to share mine)
I had uterus cancer. I underwent surgery and all reproductive organs were removed. It was a big shock for me and I almost gave up. My husband wanted a son so much and I knew I couldn’t fulfill his wish. I began to look for solutions, clinics, doctors. I wanted to do everything to save my marriage and my will to live. After a long search, conversations with friends, reading of articles and reviews, we decided to focus on surrogacy. In our country it’s legal, but very expensive and we couldn’t afford it. So we began to look for clinics in other countries. We wanted to find the best doctors and, at the same time, affordable price. It turned out that this procedure is legal in Ukraine. We chose biotexcom clinic too! Now we have a wonderful healthy boy. My husband and I are very happy and grateful. We really should create a fanclub here) Because this clinic gave so many people chance to have wonderful kids!


Oh, dear Dee.R! What a brave lady you are! I’m amazed you’ve found that strength for struggling! You’ve said surrogacy is illegal in your county. So let me ask where are you from? Did you travel far to Biotexcom?
I know they have several sites, among them - I found it extremely helpful. So probably ladies looking for the specific into, have a look onto it. :wink:


Dee.r, my story has smth in common with yours. i had my uterus removed due to profound ruptures after my first labour. it took us three years to agree on surrogacy as we always knew we wanted more children. we had to digest a lot of new information as we were total newbie in all this. we’re from Norway and here it’s illegal so we were choosing a country not so far to travel, high level of service and affordable price. like many here, we chose Ukraine and now are waiting for the beginning of stimulation


I’ve found, I’ve done It at last. What a pleasure to detect a thing that you wanted and looked for. I mean this article about your friend’s surrogacy experience.
It comes I know the clinic you wrote about. Even more I have signed their contract for participating in surro.
And your article, your story became a very helpful for me to have a new knowledge about this center.

I’m proud of my choice when I meet such positive feedback from anyone who has been there.
it was very advisable to find out about your friend received an information every month about surrogate pregnancy. Also about documents processing, it seemed so easy to do when I was reading that from the post.
Thank you!


Thank you for a great story. It means a lot to my family because we are about to start our journey in Europe but don’t know all pitfalls of being a part of the surrogacy process.
We don’t know how to choose the country, lots of people - lots of different thoughts. I know it’s up to me but anyway I need someone’s support.
My head is full of questions about price, services, doctors, managers, about country. Because I’m scared to travel abroad without interpreter. I’m not sure people can speak English. there are lots of online translator’s stuff but still.
If it is not hard to you may I ask for a detailed consultation or it will be better to consult that clinic?


sweetcandy, international surrogacy can be challenging, that’s true. but as to language barrier, it wasn’t a big problem, I must admit. we traveled to ukraine, kiev. many people speak at least some basic englsih there, even our driver (which came out as a surprise for us). at the fertility clinic itself, there was an interpreter who accompanied us, and we didn’t have to pay any extra money for this service - it was all included to our basic surrogacy fee.


I agree with Agnete. Language barrier caused almost no problems due to clinic’s staff service. Moreover, as a bonus we learned a few Ukrainian words and phrases!


I’m surpised about evrything you told. A lot of people here have or had some kind of expreience there. It means that clinic has good rate? We were worried about language barrier but I see it won’t be a big problem for us. As there is an interpreter and it is included in the package’s price. Amazing, btw, which one did you choose? I know there are several packages.


well, it seems to me that clinic’s rate is so to say mythical criteria. in any rate, everything is generalized. I mean, you can find out how it worked for other couples IN GENERAL but you’ll never know how it will work for you exactly. no one does.
For example: we did only one ivf attempt and it was bfp from the first try, however we met a couple in our clinic who had three unsuccessful attempts before. but they still keep trying again and again. hopefully, in our clinic they provide endless number of attempts until you get your desired baby. still, who wants to go through recurrent ivfs, again and again? No one does:oops:


ivfs are very different from surrogacy. if you went for surrogacy de it is a blessing to have an endless number of attempts in your pocket but if it is ivf such an option is impossible because even though biotexcom is very generous and stuff they obviously cannot put their clients through more than 4or 5 ivf attempts because it is very health damaging.
but some women do want to go for 20 or 50 ivfs… I do not know how they manage to convince their drs but they undergo more than 20 ivf rounds and get pregnant. but the thing is they do not think about their kids. those stimms are very bad for your future baby and there’s a reason why it is a prescription for surrogacy if you had 4 or 5 bfn from ivf


of course, undergoing numerous ivfs is no good for your own body, there’s a reason why women are being advised to stop trying after their 5th failed attempt. Doctors agree that undergoing stimulation may cause harm not only for you but for your future baby if you decide to continue and get pregnant eventually. You are right!
And as I have told, I am still in shock and denial that there are women who would put themselves under a bigger risk because of their infertility. Although, they are doing their best…


there should be a limit, a limit put by an international health organization saying that you should not go for 6 ivf or 6 stimulation after you had 5 failed… but I think that there could possibly be a lot of complications to it…
this is weird that most of those who try for 20th time do not really think about their kids. maybe this is like an infertility thing?? when you begin to losing your hope and you just try and try out of some desperation…