Acupuncture in Bay Area


Hi all,
I have seen lots of positive feedback about acupuncture in this forum, I have been doing it for almost a year, and did before my FET in April 2013 and ivf in June 2012, I haven’t done post transfer , as my acupuncturist is a bit far from my RE office and my DH didn’t feel comfortable in taking me for long drive after the transfer both the times. I have to take anestecia for my transfer. I will like to know if someone can provide feedback about their acupuncturist, I have followed gluten free and vegan diet as told by dr Zouveus and my acupuncturist, and most of herbs and supplements but I am looking for more options, some one who can come to dr Zouveus office if need for my post transfer treatment, provide me help with egg quality issue .