Adding an Avatar?


Is anyone else having trouble adding an Avatar to their profile? It just keeps telling me “Working…” and then there’s a little yellow triangle in the bottom of the screen that says “Done” (Im assuming that means the page is done loading, but there is an error). I know the images are supposed to be no bigger than 80x80, but I’m not sure how to figure that out? I can see the SIZE of the file, but not actual dimensions… maybe I’m doing something wrong?


Thanks! :slight_smile:


They’ll likely tackle this Monday. Thanks!


Our developers tried reproducing the error and could not find the error. (Their avatars loaded) Try reloading your avatar and see if there are any problems at this point or if we need to go back in and dig deeper.


Still having problems… I will have to try it from another computer. Thanks :slight_smile:


I am going to tag this to make sure that Development sees this this morning. Are you trying to load a photo or an avatar off the internet or ? Not sure if it matters but figure giving them as much information as possible can’t hurt.


Are you on a iPad or other Apple product or a regular PC? I don’t normally use my ipad for this site but I did this AM and my avatar is missing there. I am wondering if it in Apple product issue.


We’re looking at this right now to try and determine the reasoning. It may be only ipad/phone devices, but we are trying to see if it is happening on PCs or other systems. Sizing should not be too much of an issue, it should scale to size, or at least it does on a desktop.


Sorry, I haven’t logged in for a while :slight_smile: I was trying to upload a photo from my hard drive using a regular desktop PC. Hope that helps!