Adding medrol to FET protocol


I know there have been posts related to this but they are from 08-09. I was hoping some of you might have more recent experiences with this? My first IVF was successful, but my first FET (trying for baby #2) resulted in a beta of 7. This time around we are completely changing the protocol. One of the things we are doing is to change up the type of estrogen used because it is possible that too much estrogen can result in a less receptive lining. Also, we are adding medrol. I am just hoping to hear from you on whether adding medrol helped you to achieve a BFP? I would love to hear your stories.


I had a successful FET and used medrol. I don’t know if it was the difference, but I heard it makes your body more likely to accept the embryos.


My RE put me on prednisone starting the day before transfer and then 4 days after. I think that is the same as medrol. I’ve used it for all of my cycles.


Was your baby born 11/11/11?? Its hard to tell from your signature. Thats the same day my DS was born! :slight_smile:


My RE prescribes Medrol prior to transfer on all cycles. Not sure if it was beneficial or not because I took it on both my successful and failed cycles and I am also taking it for my first FET. There seems to be enough research that says it is beneficial. Good luck on your upcoming cycle.


My RE uses Medrol for all his cycles. It’s supposed to prevent the body from rejecting the embryos.


Yes!!! It is!! We are planning a small gathering for her - any plans for your almost 2 year old?


Hi knpoduch,

I think they use it for different reason. I am doing assisted hatching and after they laser the egg they have to coat it with something that protects it. For that reason they use Medrol so they body does not reject it. I am hoping it works for me.

Best Wishes, Dana


My RE also uses Medrol for 4 nights prior to FET. I never knew why it’s used… Now I know! Thanks!


Maybe because Medrol has some effectson the hematological diseases as follows:

  • Acquired hemolytic anemia (autoimmune).
  • Secondary thrombocytopenia in adults.
  • Reduce the erythrocyte (RBC anemia).
  • Reducing the Congenital Anemia (red line).


We are not doing assisted hatching… but I think a lot of REs use it to reduce inflammation and to reduce the risk of the body attacking the fetus. I was kinda hoping someone would have a “we didnt use medrol and got a BFN, but added it into the protocol and got a BFP!” story. Lol.

I have endometriosis, but had it removed again before this cycle to hopefully reduce inflammation in the “baby zone”. The doctor believes that my lining was not receptive enough since thats what it usually means when you have a very low beta. But I still believe that it is possible that the high amount of immune cells in this area (90% of your immune system is stationed around your gut, intestines etc. This is so that they can catch any undigested food from getting through.) And of course your gut is where?? Yeah its right there near your uterus. So if I am already having endometriosis and an immune response to it… it is possible since this is a “controlled” pregnancy that my immune system could have attacked the fetus. Anyway, he added medrol to the protocol anyway, even if he doesnt really believe that this is endo related. I am just hoping that this cycle will work!!


I was on a heavy Medrol schedule
2 tabs daily for 7 days then 1 tab for 4 days then 1 tab every other day for 4 days… it is to lower the immune system so your body doesn’t see the embryos as invaders!


Did you do that every time Pamela? I am going to be doing 16mg per day for 6 days prior to transfer.


ALL of my BFP’s I was on Medrol…what I didn’t use was the doxy…I was told that was not needed and out dated.


I really dont want to take the doxy because last time I ended up with a yeast infection. I am going to talk with him at lining check about how to prevent that. I really feel like that played a role in the cycle failing. :frowning:


this is only with this dr. before I took it 6 days prior


both of my RE’s said doxy is old fashioned out dated…both said I didn’t need it. it was to prevent infection from the catheter.


I didn’t take all of the doxcycline prescribed to me around egg retrieval. I was more concerned about disrupting my digestive flora than I was of infection. I didn’t mention it to the doctor.

If he prescribes it around FET, I’ll likely just not take it. That’s about as wild as I get.

I will take the medrol! I get hives from crinone (four doctors disagree).


I don’t know guys… The last thing you want is an infection in your uterus, usually they don’t know until it’s too late. There was someone in my august board that lost her twins that way. At like 19 weeks I believe.