Additional semen test questions


My husband has done the regular semen analysis, which was low but not super low (about 10 million moving sperm for the semen analysis, 6.4 million moving sperm for our first IUI). Are there other tests that we should consider doing? I’ve heard discussion of a DNA test? What about strict morphology?

We were able to get pregnant about a year ago but miscarried at 10 weeks.


Do you know why your husbands count is lower? They should do a full blood panel to see if there are any underlying issues to cause his decreased counts…my RE did the bloodwork, but if yours won’t then consider going to a urologist who specializes in fertility issues


No idea; he is almost 50 if that makes any difference. What does “full blood panel” mean? What specifically should we ask for? Or just to be referred to a urologist?


My RE tested for everything…like all STD’s, genetic markers, cancer markers, it was a long list of stuff they checked on both of us to see if there were any underlying issues. Talk w/ your RE about it and if not then just go to a urologist. They should have some sort of idea of why his count is lower. If I remember correctly, age doesn’t necessarily affect a man’s count so that may not be the factor. We had to fill out this like 20 page health questionaire and then basically both had full physicals before we started treatment…