Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago


Is anyone cycling at either location? I’m embarking on IVF #2 but the first time there. We did IVF #1 in Milwaukee that was a BFN. We are completely out of pocket so I was just wondering if they ever have donated meds to give to patients. Otherwise, what pharmacies seem to have the best prices? Luckily I have some follistim and Menopur left but noT enough for a cycle.
Thanks for any help!


There is a program call compassionate care that gives one free cycle of meds


the best clinic

We did second ivf with Advance Fertility and dr.Serbahn .
They are amazing,from the doctor and entire stuff.
I am pregnant with identical twins.
I wish you all the best,you will be in the best hands


Thank you both. We attempted FET with dr sherbahn and the first one was cancelled due to thin lining and the second attempt, out embryos didn’t survive. This is out last shot. I never thought I would be trying IVF again


I just looked at the compassionate care website and it looks like I dont qualify because of our income. Oh well, it was worth a shot