Advice after 3 failed IVF


Hi all,
I have a long and complicated history of many years of disordered eating (later recovered), many years of birth control pills, and then sudden illness 2 summers ago where an autoimmune condition suddenly attacked many organs in my body (heart, liver, colon, thyroid). Needless to say, never got a period since, and knew we would need help getting pregnant.

In terms of the treatment thus far, we started off with an intended IUI that was converted when I made too many dominant follicles. I had 10 eggs, most immature and only 2 fertilized. That first IVF we had really poor fertilization rates, so they decided to continue with IVF and to do ICSi. Each time I have a procedure, we get fewer follicles and fewer eggs, and I am starting to feel hopeless! Here is my outline:
Gonal-F (5 days, 75) STOP, slow response
Repronex start 1 vial
Increase 2 vials
Increase 3 vials
Stim 19 days
10 eggs, only 2 fert.
(crinone only after)

BCP (fluid retention BAD)
Lupron 6 days, allergic reaction, stopped med.
Repronex 2.5 vials
Move to 3 vials
Stim 15 days
11 follicles- 8 EMPTY
3 fert. With icsi
(crinone, 4 days medrol, estrace)

4 vials repronex
stim about 2 weeks
only 4 follicles?!
6 eggs, 2 immature,
only 1 fertilizes with ICSI
(pio, estrace, 1 week medrol, baby aspirin)

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ANY Suggestions with protocol or ANYTHING!
I eat grain free, processed free, gluten and dairy free, and no sugar (mostly due to my colitis and celiac). My exercise is walking and yoga. I take CoQ10, Maca, Vit D, Prenatal, Zinc, fish oil, DHEA, and royal jelly. Thanks so much!


If you have the money I would consult Dr Braverman or Dr kwak Kim looking at your history you have immune issues and need possibly intralipds, or ivig, or neutragen prednisone, and maybe some blood thinners.


I agree. The history of autoimmune disorder would send me straight to Dr. Kwak-Kim’s office. Dr. K takes insurance and bills under auto-immune testing, not fertility, so it’s worth checking it out to see if you can get the visit covered. She’s in Chicago.


Don’t loose heart. Maybe try a new protocol, or if your RE won’t, try a new RE. I have done 6 cycles and they have all been different. This last one was crazy good in terms of eggs fertilized and quality (I’m in the 2ww now). But i was ready to give up after each failed cycle. But it’s a numbers game. If you want a baby, keep trying.

Yesterday I watched a bunch of youtube videos, search “inspirational”. That helped. Find ways to keep going emotionally. I would just ask myself. “Can I physically do it again?” and the answer was always yes. Believe in your own strength.

Also, i see you take a lot of supplements, so do I. Make sure they’re good quality ones. Many aren’t what they claim to be. Ask a nutrionist or supplement specialist about good brands.

I had different protocols than you, so I can’t comment on that as much. But i think a second opinion would be a great idea for you.


Thanks ladies- excellent advice. As for the supplements, I looked into this extensively since I have so many allergies, and I know they are all high quality. I have been reading about the intralipid therapy- had done IVIG in the past for my immune issues and had an adverse reaction, but intralipids sound very different.


Ali, Dr. K doesn’t do intralipids. You might look into one of the SIRM (Sher Institute) offices instead, I know they do.


Dont waste your health, time and money. Go straight to dr. Braverman or Kim-Kwak.