Advice/Comments Wanted


I have a dilema that I want to share with you and hopefully I can get so advice. My daughter who was conceived with donor sperm will be 2 years old on Sunday. My DH is azoospermia = ZERO sperm. Well, we’ve been contemplating having a second chid. So I called our sperm bank Midwst Sperm Bank to find out how many vials if any of our donor is left because he is no longer listed in the catalog. Last Summer there were 22 vials left and now there are ONLY 10. At $400/vial I’m wondering if we should buy some or all of the remaining vials. I did a total of 5 IUIs of which the last 3 were back to back IUIs and so we used 2 vials per try on those. The thing is we were with a different bank before and when we moved to MWSB we got pregnant on the first try = 2 vials. If we buy vials and get pregnant with a successful pregnancy and baby then MWSB will buy the vials back from me at 50% as long as the vials are still in their possession. Which means DH& I stand to lose a lot of money if we are as successful with this donor as we were with the first successful pregnancy with him. Any thoughts?
We are thinking of purchasing 6 vials as I got pregnant with the other sperm bank and donor within 3 tries. That would would be a cost of $2,400 for us now. If it only takes one try then we will lose $800. On the other hand, I will be 40 by the time we try and it could take a couple of tries. PLUS, I need to have fibroid surgery removal FIRST as highly recommended by my Obgyn BEFORE I get pregnant again. Our plan is to have the surgery in Jan/Feb 2014, then I have 6-8 weeks of healing time then we can try to get pregnant via IUIs. Dilema, dilema. Thanks for all advance. It took 15 yrs of marriage before we had our precious gift from God.


Here is my advice: buy the vials. What is $800 in the long run? Especially when we are talking fertility treatments.
I think it will also help take the pressure off when you do your first IUI. You will know you have back-up if the first doesn’t work, AND they will be from the donor you want.
Gambler, I wish you all the best of luck!


Kika, thank you so much for the advice that you provided. What you’ve said makes a lot of sense and in the grand scheme of things $800 isn’t as much as it would be in a different set of circumstances.