Advice Needed Regarding Medication



I just came to know that we have a lifetime max for medication and we reached our limit :grr:. We have a cycle starting next month. Any ideas how to proceed ? any options or suggestions please…


I think there is a program through gonal f called compassionate care which will help out or completely pay for gonal F. I always have to pay out of pocket for meds, and it really, really sucks!


I thankfully had medical coverage on all my meds but one- the HGH Tev-Tropin. When I ask the nurse how much she thought that it would cost me, she said she had a vial that a patient donated back to the clinic after her successful cycle so she gave it to me. I did have to buy a few more vials but that save me a couple of hundred dollars. Have you talked to your doctor or nurse? Also Walgreens Prescription Club card has some drugs on discount- that’s actually how I got my Tev-Tropin cheaper. Good luck!


Is there a option to purchase the IVF drugs from Canada or some place else where it is cheaper ?


You might ask your clinic (or others nearby) if they have any ways for you to save some $$$. There are usually some free samples or some donated meds, if you make your case. Or maybe a study going on where the meds are free. If nothing else, your clinic can make sure you are getting the lowest prices.


I’ve had to pay out of pocket since our insurance doesn’t cover infertility at all. Here is what I’ve found:

  • - they are a pharmacy in the UK. The meds are European version but they are the same. For most meds, it’s the cheapest. Here’s the drawback: (1) shipping charge is $89 so you’ll need to factor that into your savings and (2) you have to order it early because it is sometimes held up in customs.

  • freedom pharmacy - they had the best prices here in the states and overnight shipping. I ended up going with them so I could order as I needed. This prevented me having to waste $ on leftover meds. (My first IUI was canceled and I was left with a bunch of meds I paid out of pocket that wasn’t needed).

  • make sure your clinic knows you’re paying out of pocket. My clinic (NOVA IVF in Mountain View, CA) was REALLY good about ordering only what I needed and augmenting my meds with their stash. Many clinics have donation programs (for leftover meds to given that needs it.)


Just wanted to comment on the last post. Freedom pharmacy is great for many meds, but they are outrageous for follistim. They charged me 1300 a vial of 900u of follistim while shrafts was closer to 900. Make sure you check around before settling on one pharmacy.


I did from Europe, and saved over 1000 dollars, so the shipping cost is totally negligible. I did the quicker shipping and meds arrived 3 days later to west coast. Get a script from the RE with all the meds and fax it over, such an easy process and the website walks you through it. I got all the most expensive of the med choices, and most were made by the same company as in the USA at nearly half the cost. Check it out.