Advice on avoiding OHSS


Hi all, I am looking for some advice on OHSS. I was at my scan today and it looks like I am producing too many follicles (again) but the nurse said that there might be hope for this round if only 10-15 of the follicles keep growing. She said to eat a high protein diet and drink lots of water. Does anyone have any other advice on what I could do? Or is it in God’s hands now whether I over produce this month or not? This will be my second round of IVF cancelled due to over production and we are having to think seriously about how much we are willing to spend pursuing this dream. So if there is anything I can do that will slow down my egg growth please let me know. Thanks.


[FONT=Calibri]Hootboot – Can you clarify; your RE is canceling your IVF cycle due to producing 10-15 follicles? Are you doing a mini IVF? I had an ER in April 2013. We retrieved 27 follicles, 12 of which were mature, 11 immature, 4 unable to use. I’m now left with 7 chromosomally normal embryos. I don’t understand why your RE thinks you are over stimming? Sounds like you are right on track with those numbers? [/FONT]


If there is a risk for you for getting OHSS, your RE should trigger you with lupron instead of canceling the cycle unless there is a health reason why he would cancel. When you trigger with lupron I do not think you will get OHSS at all so no restrictions on food etc (at least I didn’t), OHSS is triggered if you take HCG trigger. If you do proceed with HcG trigger then the only thing you can do is to take protein and eat salty foods and drink electrolyte drinks depending on the severity of the OHSS. Some women have to have fluids drained at the hospital from OHSS in severe cases. There is no way you can prevent it from happening because it is due to the meds. Your RE need to adjust your meds to avoid it from happening but like I said you can trigger with lupron, freeze all your embryos and transfer at a later time to be on the safe side.


skipping the fresh transfer is really the only way to completely avoid OHSS. If at all possible do a frozen transfer. I don’t understand why they are cancelling your cycles for that, they just need to cancel the transfer. You might want to call and speak to them and get clarification as to what is going on. ESPECIALLY if they didn’t change any of your protocol from last cycle.

OHSS is initially caused by the drugs we take to create follicles & ppushed further by the hcg trigger, yes that is true. BUT what many don’t realize (sometimes I think drs forget or something) is that the OHSS is completely aggrivated with a positive pregnancy.
So OHSS gets really bad with a BFP. What happens is that your ovaries are already big and swollen from all the drugs & follicles. And then when you get a BFP your body starts to kick up in creating its own hormones (hcg, estrogen & progesterone) to sustain the pregnancy, this is where OHSS really comes in. Your ovaries never get a chance to calm down, they just keep growing because your body is naturally feeding itself with estrogen.
Whereas with a FET your whole body gets to calm down from no drugs. Your ovaries get to relax and your uterus gets a fresh drug free start, making for a much more pregnancy ready environment.

I had a miniIVF which at my RE is always a frozen transfer. That with the less drugs I was never at risk for OHSS. But my best friend had it. And others in the RE office I went to had it. It is not something you want to mess around with. They were all very very uncomfortable and my best friend and another girl spent time in the hospital because of it. My best friend only has one ovary and nearly lost it because it had become so large, it was moved behind her uterus & it was twisted in on itself. Thankfully it did go eventually down but she was in extreme pain.

If at all possible wait and do a frozen transfer. Your body will thank you for it and your chances are better of a bfp, in what I’ve seen.

Good luck!



Hi, thanks for all your replies. To be honest I am starting to realise how little information I have on the subject and how much trust I am putting in my doctors. I have a scan on Saturday so I will go in armed with all your comments and try and get some options from them. It has been so stressful so far that I chose to leave it up to the experts but now I’m realising I need to take control a bit more.


Lots of times the drs/nurses are only on call for the weekends. The u/s techs really can’t (well aren’t supposed to) give any intrepretation of the scans. So maybe call tomorrow too, just in case no one is immediately around Saturday


It is all very stressful. And obviously none of us here are doctors but we’ve all been through similar stuff. I’ve always been the same way, what the drs say goes without question from me. But it seems like with fertility treatments everyone reacts so differently and so many doctors do things differently there is a lot to learn. But at the very least it never hurts to ask. I know doctors must hate it when we say “I saw xyz on the internet and it says…” but it is worth a question. At least you’ll get a better understanding of what THEY are doing it, why & how it applies to YOU. Becuase it is your personal treatment that is what matters. :slight_smile:


OHSS only occurs in the presence of HCG, so if you can trigger with lupron (assuming you’re not on a lupron protocol) and do a freeze all and transfer next cycle, you will completely avoid OHSS. Women who end up with OHSS generally can either get early OHSS from the hcg trigger shot or late OHSS from a pregnancy – or, for the very unlucky, both.