Advice on morning sickness


Hello ladies, I noticed a few people in the threads have ‘morning’ sickness, and having gone through it twice, I thought I would share my remedies.

For my first two pregnancies I relied on ginger tea. It helped a lot, but I DETEST the taste. But it really soothed my stomach. You could also try ginger ale, but make sure it has actual ginger in the ingredients. I found it didnt work as well as tea for me.

You could also try mint tea. I have found it works, but not as well as ginger tea. But the taste is MUCH better.

And finally, lemons- I sucked on sour lemon drops, which helped a bit.

For this round, I have been doing acupuncture and it has worked WONDERS! I barely feel sick at all, which for me is like a miracle. I HIGHLY recommend it. It has also helped with headaches.

If anyone else has any remedies, please post them here! Good luck and congratz on your pregnancy!


Thanks for the advice.


They make ginger chews and “preggo pops” both of which worked for me (the lemon flavored pops worked best)!