Advice please on high tyroid levels


Hi there…I am fairly new to this community and would appreciate any advice…

Me; Age 42…I have one daughter who will be three years old in a week. She was conceived naturally without any problems.

DH: Age 42; Outstanding sperm count…

TTC for two years…

I have had one IUI and two IVF cycles…most recent one was this past week and it was a BFN…trying to stay positive.

Right before we started the cycle, the nurse told me that my TSH was close to 5…it’s suppose to be closer to a 1 or 2 correct???

In any case, started meds right away but part of me is wondering if this has anything to do w/ why I am not getting pregnant again.

This past cycle, they retrieved 5 eggs and only 1 fertilized but it looked pretty good…divided nine times and had a grade 2…but it did not take.

Wondering if you all have had any experience w/ this and what I should do!! thanks so much!


I definitely think it could be a result. My TSH was at 5 when I had my second chemical pregnancy. With my recent pregnancy I kept it very low and was able to carry to term (well almost, little guy came 6 weeks early!). I really think my thyroid played a factor in it taking me so long to have a baby. I would try to get it to as close to 1 as possible. Once you get pregnant it elevates and you have to continue to monitor it. Mine started at 2.44 and varied sometimes all the way up to 4.34 and then ended at .11 when I had my son. Good luck!