Advice please on most recent transfer


Hi there…

Me: 42 y.o.
DH: 42 y.o.

We are blessed with a beautiful 3 year old who was conceived naturally at age 39.

Have been TTC for about two years. Have had one IUI and three rounds of IVF.

Just finished up my 3rd and most likely our final try. Did the Estrogen Priming Protocol.

Retrieved 7 eggs…3 fertilized…

Just had two embryos transferred…both with 8 cells and grade 3 which is the best in the clinic I go to.

I felt so optomistic when I got the report but just can’t help but be scared that my age is going to prevent this from moving forward.

Wondering if anyone out there has had the same grade/cell division who is 42 y.o and has been successful…I need some :clap: positive vibes…so hard waiting out this pregnancy test!