Advice pls


hi, The story would be: Married for 4 years.4 years ttc. Male factor but seems we have immune issues also. No live birth. Husband wants boys first then girls.finally after 6 frozen girls, got 4 boys. Dont ask how many retrievals been through. Transfer should be next month. Now for the past 3 months, husband has been creating problems. Pessimistic we would succeed because of the previous failures. He even suggested to get divorced abd find people that dont have immune issues because he finds his factor already ro be a huge obstacle.also, he is telling me to remarry and it is up to me to stay or leave (as if it was easy)he is in such a mood every week for a few days and then ok. What made me angry today is something not related ro if. Namely, he has to take a look of every goodlooking woman, even in my presence. I told him rhis before several times but no when I told him, he gotmad. He told me it is normal for a manto have a look at a beautiful woman. Also, according to him, im impolite and I insulted him. Rhen, he uses our treatment to disturb ne more. He said he prayed itwouldnt succeed. Like if I am now like this, how would I be later when the kids come. While walking in the street today hw told me “see, im looking. Talk ro me when you have a body like this”. I told him that the world was big enough and that he could look as much as rhe end, we willbe in front of God alone. I am a believer in God and do believe in karma. Now we are odficial with each other. I dont know if I should quit on this man. Im 34. We have those 10 embryos and it was a long way. I dont mind raising kids hy myself. Once I get them, I wouldnt even care whether to stay married to him or not.his family is also good to me. His sisters dont like his behaviour. Mumwas also good but she was an old and sick lady. Couldnt talk to her. She passed away recently. So, would you have any advice for me what direction to take. Are those 10 embryos a good reason to stay and try to get some kids out of them? Thank you.