AF after Failed IVF Cycle


I am courious what your :af: experience was after a failed IVF cycle.

I am currently 6 days post my BFN and stopping my meds and AF has finally arrived. This was our first IVF cycle so my AF experience is kinda freaking me out.

TMI WARNING… I had light cramping yesterday and his morning so I assumed AF would arrive soon. At work today I got up from my desk walked maybe 100 steps before I had to start running to the bathroom. Here is the TMI… As I got to the bathroom I discovered I gave birth to what looked like the contents of a average size jar of grape jelly. I have not experienced a flow yet but lots of really large jelly like clots.

I have not yet called my RE but is this normal? I apologize if I have now turned you away from grape jelly, but that was my first thought when I seen it.

Thanks :eek:


AF after all of my cycles has always been pretty normal.