After Azoospermia, do we still continue the testosterone therapy?


Reading through this forum bought me peace through this journey of azoospermia. Thank you :nerd:

We have been diagonised with non-obstructive azoospermia feb of last year, since then we had one TESE ,clomid which didn’t result in any sperm . So we are now onto DS.
Before we were diagonised with azoospermia everything seemed normal, now lately after stopping all the medication like clomid after 6 months dh complains of lack of motivation, feeling lethargic ,gaining weight easily etc.
So what happens after azoospermia, once you have a baby/after all the fertilty treatments, should we be get back onto testosterone therapy??

P.S: husband has low levels of testosterone and high fsh.


My DH endocrinologist said he will probably be on testosterone the Rest of his life. He has low levels of it, it does not help our sperm issue but he’s on it for his own health. RE said to keep taking it b/cit doesn’t help/hurt sperm. He has cavd so we would still have to do ICSI. Before the therapy he. Would fall asleep in a minute, was sluggish, no libido, etc. now he feels better.


Blessamiracle - My DH will be on testosterone for the rest of his life. He was diagnosed NOA in July 2008. He didn’t go on it until it was determined he didn’t have any sperm as the T-therapy could have halted production if he did have some sperm. He didn’t have any so he started the T-therapy (Androgel) in January 2009 and has been on it daily ever since.


Thank you so much Gigi and Kris.
Looks like dh will have to get onto the T-therapy soon, I hope it doesn’t have too many side effects.


My DH does not have Azoo but was on Clomid and other therapies for close to a year. When he finally quit all the meds it took about 3 months for him to begin to feel “normal” again. He to was lethargic, lacked motivation, etc. His testosterone levels are on the lower end of “normal” so he has never been on therapy. Your DH may want to wait a little longer to see if it levels out before getting back on therapy, just a suggestion. Good luck to you!