After high egg collection ovaries goin mad= delay in embryo transfer


I had my egg collection on monday (sat today) they took 31 eggs. After collection was in a lot of pain. Since monday hVe been in lots of pain, tummy very swollen (i look 3 months pregnant). Hurts to pass urine and generally move. Went in today for embryo transfer but they wouldnt do it as ovaries are very enlarged. Was told would end up in hospital if i had the transfer now. Very very dissapointed but in lots of pain. Had anyone else suffered this ? How long did it last?


I had 27 eggs at Er last Sunday. But I’m doing an all freeze ivf. My Re put me on 20 units Lupron & 1000 metformin. Im feeling good, maybe you should ask for medication? Ive also been put on a high protein diet & no salt. Hope you feel better soon.