After losing the single daughter


Hi there!

I usually don’t write on forums. I am 43 years old. And it is not for me. However when I faced such a problem I made up my mind.
A year ago I lost my loved single daughter. She died in an accident. She was 16 years old. I couldn’t pull myself together. I was forced to make some decision otherwise I would have driven crazy. And my decision was to give birth another baby. However during my life I was getting some diseases including uterus myoma. After medical check up I was said that because of my age and my diseases like myoma, chronic endometritis and others, I appeared to be infertile. I couldn’t believe that. I have tried the serious treatment. I used even home remedies . Everything was pointless. All my efforts were unsuccessful.
I turned to these forums. I got to know there are a lot of people all around the world, who have the problems with the infertility. They are able not only cope with them but also help the others by giving useful advices . I would like to hear from someone in my age who could give birth his own baby. Someone who could share his experience. Someone who could understand that without children the life loses his colours. It is the pointless existence. At least for me. At once, I must admit some point. We don’t consider the adoption. It is said: Blood Is thicker than water. It is exactly about me and my husband. Our desire is to have our own child. We are ready to make any effort for that.


Well, our age tells against us. That is true. But nowadays there are a lot of ways to have your own baby by using the artificial insemination…
I am 41 years old. When I was younger I didn’t think about a family or a baby. After graduating from university I did my best to make my career. I have been up to my ears in work. Besides I was fond of travelling. It is so exciting! Travelling is better educations that imagination. But closer to the topic . I my life has been everything: gladness, disappointing, mistakes. One of such mistakes was abortion. Because the doctor wouldn’t have the good skills, this procedure made me a cripple . I mean I became infertility. At first I didn’t care about that. I was up to my eyes in work and in my hobby. However after getting married in the age of 35 years, my husband has been telling me about our own child all the time. Although he had his own kid from his ex-wife, he wanted very badly to have our own child . I began to realise that it is quite a problem for me. I loved my husband very much. So did he. But without kids our marriage could have broken up. We became getting obsessed by having a baby. I became infertile due to RBC sensitization as a result of too later abortion. Apart from that I had chronic endometritis.
However my husband got to know about the clinic that uses surrogacy in a very appropriate price. At first I was against that. I thought low price means bad quality of service. But when I eventually followed the advice of my husband, I was surprised pleasantly. Their service and work was perfect. And we got the perfect result - our long awaited baby.


Dear Gredy! It seems to me we are familiar. It was some time ago when I was on holiday in Croatia. I remember we being on the seas trip. We became acquainted. There was some controversy between us about life values. You considered the main things was your work and hobby. You wanted to live the life to the fullest. It was your next trip. For me it was the first one. You were fond of everything around. I was missing my child and husband. This expression “Travelling is better educations that imagination” reminded me about you.
Presently, I have three lovely children. I born them naturally. But you should have undergone such an unpleasant thing as artificial insemination and paid an arm and a leg for that.
I only want to say that we need to be a part of nature. The nature never fails to amaze us! Anyway I wish you all the best!


Hey Komel!
Of course I remember our debates about a family. In this point you are right. I realised these life values too late. However you are wrong by supposing I had the difficulties in having my baby. The staff of this clinic is as friendly as professional. Actually there were a lot more pleasant moments there than hard ones. Besides If I used surrogacy in my country, I would really pay an arm and a leg for this. In Ukraine it is cheaper and so unusually cosy and humanely!


Hi Gredy!
I see you are quite satisfied with the service in the Ukraine’s clinic. Could you please elaborate on the terms offered by this clinic? This country does not belong to EU. I have heard there is the high level of corruption there. Besides because of the war, I find it is dangerous to go to Ukraine. Certainly, the price is essential. But what about the guarantee ?


Dear Sevirine
I felt the same dreads and doubts as you did. As I have said I just trusted my husband.
We were undergone medical examination. Due to RBC sensitization and chronic endometritis and my age. I was offered to apply one of the surrogacy programs.
We signed the contract. And the process began. There were three visits of the clinic. All of them were serviced properly. We had a good room in hotel. Hot and cold meals were quite tasty. When I wanted something special, I could order that. Our surrogate mother turned out to be not only beautiful but also intelligent and kind. We have opportunity to communicate with her.
What else? Ah Yes! We had the opportunity to use a genetic testing performed to the embryo prior to the implantation to make sure that embryos are healthy. It is called…Yes, PGD. We were lucky. The pregnancy was successful from the first attempt. I must admit that they guarantees a positive result, no matter how many attempts are need. You should pay no extra payment.
You have asked about situation in Ukraine. You know we didn’t notice any signs of being the war there. The place is quiet and marvelous. People are kind and sociable .


Which technique you may need will depend largely on the cause of your infertility. How much it will cost varies widely too, by where you live, for example, and by the number of clinics are in your area (many clinics offer “shared risk” programs in which the clinic will give you back a portion of the fee if the treatment is unsuccessful). And because the CDC compiles success rates only for treatments involving IVF, pregnancy and birth rates for other procedures although they have been compiled, for example, by individual clinics are not as well documented or standardized and may be based on small populations. Assisted reproductive technology (ART) is any fertility treatment in which the egg and sperm are handled. An ART health team includes physicians, psychologists, embryologists, lab technicians, nurses and allied health professionals who work together to help infertile couples achieve pregnancy.