After POF/ DOR success did you get normal periods?


Hi ladies,
I got my first period (I don’t know if I should even call it that) a few days shy of 10 months pp ( I do still bf and pump). It was barely two days of VERY light spotting. Did any of you have something similar happen and then get normal cycles? My normal cycle has dwindled down to 2 light days before pregnancy but now I am getting nervous that I am starting menopause. My Amh was 0.29 two years ago so I was told I would probably go into menopause in my early 30’s. I will be 29 New Years eve. What are your thoughts? Do I have any hope of being able to try again with my OE? Could it be just very light because I still breast feed?

Thanks in advance for your help!


If you are still bf I would not say that this is what af is going to be for you. It is common at 10months that the baby is not eating more solid foods and no nursing as much so the less you bf the less your body will hold of menses. I would say that your best time to try again is now. There are some studies that show that fertility is regained shortly after being pregnant. It is almost like the body remembers what to do. Now with a low amh like that it is possible that you will need ART again just to maximise the # of eggs fertilized. Good luck!!