After successful 3rd IVF, trying for natural BFP, success stories?


Hi Ladies,
Me: 29yrs old, PCOS but regular 34 day cycles ovulate on cd20/21
Hubby: Great counts, but low sperm penetration on the hamster test so ICSI was suggested and we never tried putting his sperm with my eggs naturally with IVF (dumb on our part- it would have at least allowed us to see if any sperm were to penetrate)
For our first pregnancy (no losses, just never pregnant):
2 years naturally: BFN
4IUIs with both femara and clomid: BFN (responded great)
3 IVFs (with ICSI): last one successful resulting in triplets.

So, we’ve had a long road… our embryos with the third IVF were worse than the first IVF so RE suggested putting all three in, and we got all three… but they were born at 24 weeks (5 months in NICU, all three have a looooong road ahead). They are now 14 months (10 months adjusted).

My husband and I want to have more children, but don’t have the money or time for daily ultrasounds etc. for IVF/ICSI again.

Has anyone ever gotten a BFP after so many infertility treatments? I’ve heard it could happen after a pregnancy, this is why we are trying so soon (and because we know it can take years…)

It’s hard to know if it’s me or hubby since he has low penetration when put with hamster eggs (a VERY controvercial test though, many drs don’t think it’s a very reliable test), I am ovulating late, but still ovulating. I want to go on Clomid but don’t want to do that without being monitored… too risky.

What are our chances do you think? Any success stories out there? Thanks so much!


[FONT=‘Comic Sans MS’][SIZE=3]Hi Hope2bMom – I don’t have personal experience to share although I will share what a family friend told me. They had several IUI and one IVF attempt all BFN. Then they tried IVF with a new RE and BFP. Their son is now 2 years old. Then a surprise natural BFP came along. Their new baby boy is 3 weeks old. It could happen! I believe they were dealing with a male factor only. She’s in her early 30’s and he’s approaching 40. Best wishes and I pray your little babies GBG triplets grow and mature successfully. And I hope you’re doing well too! [/SIZE][/FONT]


Thanks so much for sharing their story, Webelieveinmiracles! I am so hoping that will happen to us, too.
Praying you will have success as well!!!