After taking clomid?


I have pcos and have been trying to get pg for about 18 months. I did a round of clomid in October, November, and December, without any luck. My periods are not regular because of the Pcos, however, I did have one in January without taking clomid. (My dh and I decided to take two months off clomid to focus on losing weight/getting healthy before trying our two remaining rounds of clomid.

I joined weight watchers at the beginning of January. I was wondering if having my period was because of the small amount of weight loss I’ve had or if clomid has any residual effects. Anyone have experience with that?


Hi Chai. I rarely ovulate and when my hubby and I had to take a break from Clomid, I got a period 45 days after my last one. I credit it to the Clomid still lingering in my system. I have heard of this happening a few times to others too.


yep it takes a while for the clomid to leave the system and get ovulation back to normal


I too have PCOS and have had lots of irregular periods. I took Clomid August and September 2012. No luck with getting pregnant but my periods stayed regular from October on. We also took a break after our failed September cycle.

I think there are residual effects to Clomid. I can definitely attest to it.