Agave and infertility?


Hi ladies,

So I was speaking with someone casually today and metioned that I use agave instead of sugar. She told me to be careful because she heard that agave can cause female issues. So I just did some research and was shocked to find out what I saw. Basically it has anti-fertility components. I have been using agave everyday for the last 3 years. I know RE’s say stay away from artificial sweeteners but this is all natural so I never questioned it.

Has anyone heard of this? This is what - found:

“Anordin and dinordin, prepared with steroids derived from the sisal plants Agave sisilana and Agave americana have been used for their antifertility effects. These agents, whose anti-fertility properties have been confirmed by scientists in Sweden and the United States, constitute a potential new family of contraceptives promising the advantage of having to be taken only once or twice a month instead of the 20 times per month necessary with the ordinary pill.”


Yep…agave should not be used when pregnant or TTC. Same with Stevia. Found out about both after buying them in the past.


Wow. I had no clue. Time for a detox. Back to raw brown sugar.

Thanks. Alicia


Classic-1 I see you used sirm. Can I email you some questions?


What about truvia?? Is that just as bad??