Alcohol prior to ttc question


Hello ladies!! i have been lurking around this site the past three monthes and i have to say you ladies are amazing thank you so much for sharing your stories and knowledge!

I am starting my first cycle for IUI around the 20th of november (thats when af comes so i will be going for my baseline at that point) for the past three monthes i have been taking prenatals a few other vitamins and baby aspirn…my question is i have a wedding to attend the 19th the day before af, not to sound selfish but i would enjoy to be able to have a drink or two but DO NOT want to comprimise my chances of concieving…will this harm it? anyone have any information pertaining to alcohol while ttc. techniclly i wont be ttc at that point but cycle starts right after so i donyt know if that will have any negitive effect…ugh!!!:grr:

well thanks so much look forward to your responses


Go ahead and have a few drinks and have fun! My RE has a saying “drink til its pink”. Goodluck!!


[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Both my DH and I decided to give up alcohol until we are successful. I think alcohol (pre conception) has more to do with the sperm than the egg, but we made the choice together.[/FONT]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]My clinic tells me that I am free to eat and drink anything I choose up until ER (or ovulation in IUI case).[/FONT]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]I am sure that have a couple of drinks that early in your cycle will be just fine. Have a good time![/FONT]


Thanks ladies! ill see how i feel that day…i havent had try #1 yet and this whole thing has already consumed all my thoughts


[SIZE=3]I completelly agree: have a drink or two and enjoy yourself! It will not hurt anything UNTIL you see a :bfp: . I have done it both ways and I got my :bfp: when I DID drink my wine during 2ww! :)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=3]GL!!!:babydust: [/SIZE]


Have that glass of wine!!! The funny thing for me is that the cycle that DID get the BFP was the one where I had been at a brewery tasting during my follistim shot cycle…AND DH had been on vacation with work for a week and was drinking more beer than he had in quite awhile…you are fine. Enjoy it! I like the drink until it’s pink thing!


Go for it! I don’t think a couple drinks will hurt your chances. I didn’t drink while doing my IVF cycles. I got my bfp naturally the month after when I DID have a few drinks. You’re going to have to give them up soon enough :woohoo: