All Topic headings have missing topics and along with all postings in sub-menus!


Making the website impossible for anyone to use. Will kill the site if not fixed ASAP. Can not post or read anything. Will not even be able to see this post after I make it :frowning:

Only way for me to see anything is to go into my activities. So I can only see things that I was already posting on. No new post or new topics are visible in normal forum feed. Going to try using a different browsers like Firefox to see if that helps at all.

Very sad this website has such a wealth of information and has become pretty mush useless for new user any anyone who is not tech savvy, who can find a work-around to view thing.

Update: all the same problems with firefox. No topics visible!!!


Agree this is very sad! I have found much help and even helped a person or two when this site worked before the updates last year. Now I can’t seem to see a thing. This was in a feed and it’s the only reason I found it.


Yes!! So sad! What’s going on here??? I haven’t been able to get involved on here the last 2 cycles! Tried heading to the bump and those girls are jerks plus soooo many topics it’s like where do I belong?? Fix fertilitycommunity! What’s happened?


I used to use this site religiously last year. I stopped coming around after the “updates” ruined it. This is the first time I’ve checked it in over 6 months, and it’s so disheartening to see it’s still in shambles. :frowning: