allergic to PIO?


During my first round of IVF I broke out in hives around the injection sites for my PIO. It itched and had raised red areas. I didn’t think anything of it and shortly after I had a chemical pregnancy and stopped the PIO and those symptoms went away. I am now a little over 4 weeks pregnant and have the same symptoms again. Has anyone else had this happen? Help!


Lots of people are allergic to sesame. Switch to P in Olive Oil. I used it and never had a problem with the shots. I got mine from MDR Pharmacy in Encino CA.


I always get a reaction from the PIO with severe itching but I have never any problems with my pregnancy because of it. I just continued taking it and after about a week of doing the shots the itching slowly subsided.


[SIZE=“2”][FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][COLOR=“DarkGreen”]I’m actually allergic to baby oil(causes hives n itching!) so i was really worried when my RE said i would be doing the PIO w/ this ivf. I told her that i’m allergic to baby oil so she had them mix my progesterone in olive oil. I start them tonight, so we’ll see how it treats me. But i’ve actually heard several women say that they’ve also broken out n itched, like yourself. I would just try changing to the PI-olive oil, definitely can’t hurt to try, right? Good luck!:)[/FONT][/SIZE]


I couldn’t tolerate sesame oil. I told my doc and she switched me to pio in cottonseed oil…makes a huge difference!