Almost the end of the two week wait and still no symptoms


this is my 4th try at ivf, almost the end of the two week wait and still no symptoms, i am 41, 4 embryos transferred, 8, 6, 6 and a 5 celled, estrogen at 200 and progesterone keeps dropping, at a 5 today, switched to progesterone in oil yesterday, this cant be over yet, any one have any positive outcomes with progesterone that low?


I havent started my IVF cycle yet but I wanted to say I’ll be :pray: for you. Chin up and I hope you get your :bfp:.


thank you so very much, i will be praying for you too, hoping to get some responses from people with similar situations that are uplifting and promising


I can tell you that PIO shots was one thing I changed in my protocol and I ended up pregnant. Now - it ended in a miscarriage but if I continue for a 3rd round, I will insist on this.

Take care of yourself - wishing it it is positive for you.


thank you for your reply, just hoping they didnt wait too long to switch, day 7 et it was 40 progesterone, then day 10 it fell to 8.6 then i switched yesterday to pio, they did a blood test today, and dropped to 5, now they are increasing pio to 1.5ml, god please let this work, i cant give up hope yet, is this a lost cause? can anyone give me good news? wanting to buy a hpt, but holding out dont want to jinx anything


and i am sorry it didnt work for you, much love and good thoughts


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