Alone, angry, confused and sad


[SIZE=4][FONT=Times New Roman]I have been TTC for three years and still to no avail. I am finding it really hard to keep my hopes up, especially since my fiancee has five kids of his own so i know the problems don’t lie with him. What if i never get to share with him what his ex gets to? I feel so… second best in the relationship as well since i feel i can’t compete with someone who’s already given him what he wants and who he shares a deep bond with. He tries to console me and says as long as he’s got me, he’s happy but i’m not. I want a family and if i find out i can’t have one i really don’t know what i’d do. I really need someone who i can talk to that knows what i am going through. Okay, rant over and i don’t feel better in the slightest. Grr, what’s wrong with me?![/FONT][/SIZE]


Hi! Sorry you’re in this crappy place. IF sucks. Plain and simple. Not knowing you it’s hard to give any advice, but if it was me, I’d start to do what I needed to do to get answers and see a specialist. I know that’s a super scary step. Sometimes not knowing is easier… but there are a lot of hard things to face up to on this journey. Take your time to psych yourself up and then jump in. You’ll be happier in the long run.

Also, if you can’t get the support you need elsewhere, checkout They have some infertility specialists that you can pick from, see other’s reviews, and you won’t have to sell a kidney to do it. Sometimes we just need a little perspective and assurance that those things we feel are normal… and conquerable!

Good luck!


I can feel your awkward situation!

Just calm down…
You must plan for everything before heading to something complicated that much! In fact, you also need to consider between risks and benefits of trying to have baby at any cost. As your fiancee is still ok coz he had 5 kids already, why you have to blame yourself for that problem?

If i were you, i would try my best to love his children like a big happy family. By this way, you can have 6 angels at the same time (including your man) without any trouble related to pregnancy, labour…etc…

Hope you’re gonna think clearly about that!
Take care…


I think it’s still much better to try and see what happen…
Just keep believing, think positive & never give up!
Good luck,