Alternative med help?


Hi, I’m on my third round of Clomid and trigger shot. ttc for 15 months. In addition to the clomid I’ve gotten a Mayan abdominal massage each month before I ovulate. It is suppose to help position the uterus to the right place and increase blood flow. This month I also got two chiropractic adjustments by a dr. who specializes in pregnancy. She suggested I also do acupuncture and the essential oil Progessence by young living. I like th Mayan abdominal massage it is relaxing and has helped my cycle be lighter and less painful. I didn’t notice much of a differance with the Chiropractor. What do people think about acupuncture and progessence essential oil. I feel like I should only add one alternative med per month of trying. I feel like I’m throwing everything but the kitchen sink at it. I like it because it feels like I’m doing something to help but maybe its getting to be a little over kill…


I’m a big advocate for acupuncture - so yes, I would do that for sure. Last cycle I took Maca - its a natural supplement and I noticed positive changes in my energy level. I also introduced homeopathy and natural seeds to my diet and my cycle was very healthy and went to 28 days which was good for me. For this last cycle, I did everything - maca, acupuncture on the day of my iui and six days later, seeds and I added traditional chinese herbs. I am now day 14dpiui with still high elevated progesterone - (the highest I’ve seen with any of my natural cycles) so regardless of the outcome, I definitely feel that TCM has made the most significant shift in my hormones. Hope that helps.