Alternative med help?


Hi, I’m on my third round of Clomid and trigger shot. ttc for 15 months. In addition to the clomid I’ve gotten a Mayan abdominal massage each month before I ovulate. It is suppose to help position the uterus to the right place and increase blood flow. This month I also got two chiropractic adjustments by a dr. who specializes in pregnancy. She suggested I also do acupuncture and the essential oil Progessence by young living. I like the Mayan abdominal massage it is relaxing and has helped my cycle be lighter and less painful. I didn’t notice much of a difference with the Chiropractor. What do people think about acupuncture and progessence essential oil. I feel like I should only add one alternative med per month of trying. I feel like I’m throwing everything but the kitchen sink at it. I like it because it feels like I’m doing something to help but maybe its getting to be a little over kill…


For me, I think, sometimes the issue with alternative treatments is that they end up costing more than they really should. You could say that some form of alternative treatment works for you, but there are no parameters to objectively measure how much they work. You could be willing to pay a certain amount for something that in truth is not really as effective as it may seem. That being said, as a couple dealing with infertility, we would be willing to try anything. We would probably even try different alternative treatments at the same time - if they were affordable. Obviously, these payments for these treatments would have to come from our own pockets and it could substantially add to the cost of the conventional medical treatments.


I just posted my response on the other thread you started. Hope the info will be helpful. Based on my experience, I saw very positive results in my hormones as a result of using a combination of acupuncture and TCM.


When I combined Chinese herbs with clomid I finally got pregnant after trying clomid for I think if was 6 or 8 months. I talked to a great Chinese herbalist who made up my formula and helped me through the whole process. I thought that it was kind of pricey till I actually got pregnant and then I wished I had spent the money a long time before. I found her website it is fertilityformulas dot com. (I didn’t read the rules for posting here so I don’t know if I am allowed to put the website.) She is great to talk to too.