Am I going to have a miscarriage?!


I am 6 1/2 weeks pregnant with my first IVF and the past few days i have had dull cramping, and pulling in my lower stomach. I actually paged my Fertility specialist Monday as I sneezed, and it felt like my lower stomach ripped it was so painful.
I just went to the bathroom and noticed a very faint, mucusy (Sorry TMI), very light blood (almost pale pink) I am so nervous! Could this be a sign that Im having a miscarriage??
I really need someone to reassure me :frowning:


Pregnancy is full of so many fears and doubts, it’s a wonder we all want to do it. It’s not the cake walk it seems like on TV and in books! Anyway, miscarriage (or impending) is usually accompanied by lots of cramping, lower back pain (like you get with bad PMS) and brighter red colored bleeding. Keep in mind that MANY women have bleeding in the 1st trimester and beyond and go on to have full term babies! I have been on the FET boards lately and I read about a woman who had bleeding and even passed clots, came on and said she was out of the game, and it turned out she was, in fact, still pregnant!

At 6.5 weeks implantation bleeding can also occur. When I was pregnant with my 5 yr old I had that around 7 weeks, and I freaked myself out so bad I ended up fainting because I was breathing so heavily… just take many deep breaths and TRY to relax as best you can. I’m sure you are fine. Let us know!!!


I did call my Dr. and Im going in tomorrow for Bloodwork to make sure my HCG levels are where they are suppose to be…the spotting has subsided, the cramps are just really bad. This is all so nerve wracking! I thought once I got my BFP it would be smooth sailing :frowning:


sneezing hurts!! And best I can tell it will continue to hurt.


I had a lot of cramping with my dd, as for my miscarriages I had very bright blood almost everytime I went to the bathroom and it got worse to the point almost like Af. Like the other ladies said your cervix is very tender and full of blood, if you are doing vaginal prog inserts, that can also cause bleeding. As for the cramping, get used to it because you are going to have it the rest of your healthy pregnancy :slight_smile: also I wore a panty liner my entire pregnancy because I had a discharge the entire tome, all the. crazy hormones. I am sure that the blood work will put your mind to ease, good luck and try to stay calm and positive, I know easier said than done!


I am so glad to hear this. I was talking to my mom tonight and told her about how I get this pulling in my lower abdomen and how it comes and goes. The other morning when I reached to turn off my alarm clock, my lower stomach also almost felt like it was ripping, the pull was so sharp. I also have light cramping which comes and goes.

My mom who had 6 kids told me she never remembers having any of that and that I should call my dr. immediately. Mind you, she had her last child in the early 70’s! It is a relief to know I’m not alone. However, I do still plan to call the nurse tomorrow.


I have to sit or pull my knees up every time I sneeze - and I have the most horrendous congestion and sneeze all the time. If I’m caught unprepared, it feels like my abdominal mussels are being ripped out from the lower abdomen. It sucks, but is not dangerous at all.