Am I out for this month?


Ok…so I have no where to talk to about this…I have been TTC for the longest time, and after four failed IUI’S I was schedule to get an HSG test done after my period. After my HSG test I decide to use OPK since I had to sit this round out due to the testing, and wanted to know if I ovulated or not. I tested on CD10 and CD11 and I ovulated :clap:
Well I am CD31 today and AF is not here (I don’t even want to speak of the devil(AF) in case she comes). And my periods are alway dead on 28 days and I had tested and still getting :bfn:
Am I out for this month or should I wait till it’s a week late??


Hallo Judy. I would wait it out. You could be preggo’s and to early to pick it up with HPT’s. Wishing you lots of baby dust. Keep us updated!


Thanks Hun! Thanks so much for still keeping my faith alive. I will test on Thursday and let u guys know how it all goes!


It’s Thursday! Can’t wait to hear! Best of luck.