Am on day 39 of my cycle


I am currently after a failed ivf (ohss) and am on day 39 of my cycle!! I called my re and have an appointment tomorrow morning but am wondering what they might do and the repercussions of this…
I read online that I maybe prescribed provera in order to bring on :af: … I am wondering if this will effect the possibility of going forward next month as that was the original plan that I would go to IVF #2

Any information would be great!!


Hi Anxious - sorry to hear about your failed ivf cycle. I also had a really long cycle after my failed ivf cycle in May and did a lot of reading on here and other boards that said this is fairly common after IVF to have your next period be a week late or more. Turned out I was actually pg, when I took a HPT. If that’s not the issue (wouldn’t it be great?), you can take Provera. I’m sorry I don’t know if the Provera will delay your next cycle, perhaps someone else can answer that question.


Thank you so much for your reply- yes 6 tests later it is still a :bfn: … Just feeling really upset and raw right now…:frowning:


Hi Anxious - it’s so frustrating to have to wait so long for AF to come. I read somewhere that post-IVF cycles can be 40 days or more. I hope it comes soon so you can move on, this IF stuff is no fun especially all the waiting. :grouphug: to you


Treadlightly- Yup I am officially on day 41:grr: :grr: :grr: …
Went to doc yesterday- they had initially prescribed provera for me but after completing blood tests stated that I have ovulated and that I should wait for :af: to come and then to come and if it does not in 2 weeks to go back to them-- I am presuming after doing a blood test that they would know if I was :preg: …???


Just an update :af: came yesterday- day 44- I really think that they need to be more informative after a cancelled cycle as regards what the possibilities are so that people don’t worry and cause more undue stress… So happy that everything is ok.


Glad to hear :af: is here and you can start planning your next cycle. Good luck and :babydust: to you!