Am seeking advice and information


Hi everyone! I’m new to this forum, and like most everyone… am seeking advice and information (and THANK YOU in advance)!! Well, long story short, I’ve been diagnosed with PCOS, my reproductive specialist has decided to put me on clomid in December. However, my husband will be deploying in July/August (he is active duty Navy). And I of course cannot even imagine him not being at the birth of our first child… but the scenario has crossed my mind. So my question is… should we go ahead and try the clomid and see if it works or not… or just wait?? I know the success rate is 40 or 50 percent… So incase it doesn’t work we can move onto something else?? I’m stuck in limbo on my decision… HELP!!!



Your situation is so tough. Obviously the decision will have to be a personal one, no right answer. I guess it depends on if you really have your heart set on getting pregnant soon, or if you wouldn’t mind waiting. And I’m not sure how old you are which may impact your decision.

You might go on clomid and get pregnant the first cycle, but it also may take a long time. If clomid doesn’t work for you, sometimes they want you to try for 3-6 cycles with different dosages etc, before moving on to another option.

So I guess if I were you I’d think about if you’d be okay with possibly waiting until DH came back from deployment (I don’t know how long that usually is). Or how does that compare with possibly getting pregnant sooner and him not being able to be there when the baby’s born? Or it might take you 7 months to get pregnant and only get pregnant right before he leaves and he could be back by the time the baby’s born.

I kind of feel like, what are the chances you’d get pregnant right away it will probably take a while, so you should try now. But that’s what I thought for myself and I got pregnant on my first round of clomid. So you never know what could happen! Then you’d be giving birth right after he left and its up to you if you’d be okay being without him for those first months. If it’s a total deal breaker, then maybe wait a few months.

This probably has not been helpful at all haha, but I wish you a lot of luck with your decision. Keep us updated!


Thank you very much… it really is helpful to get someones opinion who has gone through the clomid/infertility process before. Friends and family have not the slightest clue what to say. I’m only 21… so time is on our side. AND btw, congrats on your new little one! He will be deployed for around 6 to 7 months. We are both very anxious, but I think it would be best for us to wait. Maybe start taking the clomid a few months before he leaves. And if it doesn’t work… then we’ll try again when he gets back. It’s such a hard decision.


Thanks :slight_smile:

I think that’s a good idea to try a few months before he leaves then if you get pregnant he’ll be home when the baby’s born. Especially since as you said you have time on your side, you wouldn’t want to get pregnant now and then have him miss the first few months with the baby.

Good luck!