An open CCRM FB group? Maybe?


It’s really great that there is a CCRM group on FB which is much appreciated by people from this forum. However it doesn’t open to non-current patient, that includes people who are schedule for ODWU but haven’t gone, as well as people looking for get more information on CCRM before making up their mind. Don’t get me wrong, I understand and value immensely of my privacy, and my family’s privacy, which is why I’m using alias name for both the forum and my blog. Infertility brought me to others-- some are open identity, some are not, until they are comfortable enough to share.
So, here’s what I’m thinking–would it be prudent if I create a Open CCRM Support Group for non-patient and perspective patients? Let me know your thoughts? We are going for our ODWU next Thursday with lot of questions and, I’m sure, answers.


I would love a group. I am new to this fertility forum so i am fine either through here or facebook. I also value my privacy because i do not want my co workers, friends and random family members knowing everything that i am struggling with quiet yet. I am in the same phase as you, not quiet a patient but i have already decided i am cycling at CCRM :slight_smile: Please keep me posted if you start something, i would love to join amd am thinking of prob jan/feb cycle


Ok, the FB group is called “CCRM OPEN GROUP”, you can [U][B]join[/B][/U] by click [SIZE=14px][B]here[/B][/SIZE], or the bottom link of my signature! :slight_smile: It’s opened to everyone, particularly perspective patients or if your upcoming ODWU is fast approaching! :slight_smile:


That is a great idea! There are many private secret Facebook groups I’ve heard about over the past 3 years on here and they are usually created when a group of women are in similar stages and want to get to know each other and be lifelong friends through pregnancy and beyond. Everyone on there is open with their identity to create trust and true friendship beyond just looking for answers. Usually we don’t hear much about these because they are created privately through Private Messages. Unfortunately this forum was down and there was no way to reach each other via Private Message on here so there was a public posting looking for the regular active members to get together elsewhere. Aren’t there other public ccrm forums elsewhere like babycenter, fertile thought, the Bump, IVFconnections and Network54? Hopefully this will be fully functional soon!


Yes there are many, many CCRM internet support groups out there all over fertility forums. FB is great in terms of fast information sharing, but it’s not easy keeping up with people’s progress like having a signature where everything is right under your lid…but at least it’s rarely down. I’m trying to post things that can be useful to others, tips and experiences etc, even though there have been so much written about already! :slight_smile: We are looking forward to begin our (worst case) answer finding phase, as someone told me to have faith in CCRM…