And the paranoia sets in


So I am 2dp5dt and when I woke up this morning I had period like cramps. They only lasted about 20 min and I haven’t had them since but it really felt like AF was coming. I have no bleeding, and I know that the meds can cause cramping but in all my other 6 cycles I never had cramping. Could it be anything else bc I can’t stop worrying


I have different reactions to progesterone every cycle. My doctor always says each cycle stands on its own.

If the cramping is really severe or if you have difficulties breathing, call your doctor - maybe it’s OHSS or something else. Probably it’s nothing to be worried about.

Good luck!


It could be your embie settling in! Try not to worry about it too much…I know. Easier said than done.


I’m always a little confused when people say AF cramps. Personally, my AF cramps don’t feel like a cramp at all. Its more of a deep ache. I’ve had those off and on through my pregnancy and assume its my uterus stretching. When blasts settled in for me I felt it. I felt these little twinges. They didn’t last long. A couple days later the af thing started.

Progesterone gives me mildly sore boobs off and on and makes me bloat. Otherwise I’m fine.

From the moment they put those blasts in I started feeling progressively pregnant. My symptoms wax and wane however so I still get nervous.

Give it a couple days and see how you feel then.


the “AF” cramps I was describing were like sharp pains/twinges on one side of my lower abdomen… But I havent had them since this morning so I think Im panicking over nothing but I cant help but look into every little thing at this point :o


Hmmm, I had pain that I would describe similarly the two days following my (successful) transfer. I told my husband that’s where the embryo was digging in. Regardless of if that’s what it was, it was not a bad sign at all!