Hi Ladies,

I found out that I am anemic last week. My OB put me on an iron supplement in addition to my prenatal and DHA. I was low on iron and vitamin D even before getting pregnant. I was always prone to low iron.

Is there anything I should eat more of or add to my diet to help with my low iron levels?

I think I am not eating enough red meat!



[QUOTE=GWU1991]Here is a really good link with a lot of iron rich foods. Iron Rich Foods | American Red Cross

My son is cronically anemic and ironically he is my best eater and the only one of my kids who eats meat. We do really try to push the iron rich foods but he still needs to take an iron supplement so that may be the case for you as well. But it can’t hurt to try to work more into your diet.

Hope that helps![/QUOTE]

Thanks so much for the link! I used to take an iron supplement before I got pregnant. I was always prone to low iron. I used to eat a ton of spinach, kale and broccoli, and still had to take a supplement. I was always not so good at eating red meat. I haven’t eat as much greens as I did before since becoming pregnant which is probably bad…I’ve been trying to vary up the foods I eat during pregnancy.

But thanks for the link! I’m going to incorporate more foods into my diet in addition to the supplement. :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=GWU1991]One thing the doctor has suggested to me was making sure my son takes the supplement with something high in vitamin C as it helps increase absorbion so he takes it with a glass of OJ. I am assuming the same would be true with iron in food so maybe OJ with your kale or liver or whatever. At least something to research. :)[/QUOTE]

Oh my gosh! Thanks for the heads up!