angry, frustrated, sad, irritated...did I miss any?


So many emotions all the time…Today has not been a good day. I found out today that two friends from college are pregnant. To make matters worse they are both business career girls who are not exactly maternal (not saying all people in this category are like this!). It is just hard to see people who are not really “into kids” getting pregnant so easily. I just keep thinking when is it my turn? Or any of you are struggling? Some day we will get our chance at happy news…right???


Your emotions sum it up. You have to believe that some day it will be good news. As hard as it is there will
always be couples out there who it happens quickly for and for others like us, a long, painful road.
Hang in there


You will get your chance! You will, you will! Hopefully it won’t take long either. In the course of 2 years I watched literally EVERYONE I know get pregnant. And all but one on the first try. I had friends who said they never wanted kids, and others who drank and smoked (one even during! her pregnancy) who got knocked up so easily. People who hadn’t even yet met their husband when we started trying now onto their second. It was really hard not to turn into the biggest headcase every month when :af: arrived.

(On two occasions I even got the news of a friend’s happy announcement on the day AF came after a failed treatment. It was devastating.)

Hopefully you will have an early success - but even if it takes you a little longer, don’t give up hope. If we can do it after 7 years, anything is possible!

I just kept telling myself that when I finally did get pregnant, have that baby, that I was going to be so much stronger and so much more aware of just how amazing and magical it is because of all I’d been through. And your future baby is going to be so celebrated and so loved - even more so - for the fact that you worked so hard and showed so much determination to make it happen.

Good luck to you! :babydust:


you’re still young

It seems sometimes like the people who least think about becoming pregnant are often the ones who do. Things aren’t always “fair.” However, you’re still young (although you might be tired of hearing that) and have more time than many of us.