Another day, another preg facebook friend


I am really down today. Seems like there are so many pregnancy announcements–celebrities, my facebook friends, etc. I am just waiting for :af: so I can begin an IUI cycle. I am anxious, nervous, sad, depressed, and distracted. I am losing hope that I will ever get what I want and my DH is gettting really discouraged as well. Life sucks. (at least that’s how I feel today.)



Sorry to hear you’re down today :frowning: Fbook really is a b***h, isn’t it!

I swear every day I’ve logged on this past week, there’s been either:

  1. Pics of a baby bump
  2. Pics of new baby
  3. Birth announcement
  4. Pregnancy announcement/progress update

Most days it doesn’t bother me too much (ho hum… good for them), but other days it can be really overwhelming to see that.

Hopefully once AF shows up and you’re gearing up for the IUI you’ll feel better. I do find it easier when I’m back on treatments vs. taking a break, or waiting for AF after negative result.

Sending hugs your way, hope you’re feeling better soon.


Oh do I hear you! I swear there are days when I just want to blow up my stupid FB account. It can be a killer.

This morning one friend who just had a baby last month posted to another friend who had a baby last week saying “Yeah for babies and mommies and daddies! Let’s have a play date!” I wanted to comment “And yeah for friends who can’t get pregnant but desperately want to! Too bad no one remembers to celebrate us too…”

Hang in there, and try to remember than when your baby finally comes it will be super extra doubly celebrated on Facebook and everywhere else!


I am horrible, the other day I went on FB and blocked all of my pregnant friends and all friends with tiny babies. It makes me feel better about the whole thing. I especially blocked the 17 year old cousins that get pregnant by accident… :af:


i know how all of you ladies feel! i have a few people blocked on FB and i feel so bad but then again i dont cuz i’m like UGH!!!

and omg boodles thats so funny you said that, my husbands 18 year old cousin is preggo by accident and she started posting pics of her baby bump on FB and it was irritating me so badly i blocked all her posts…i’m like, i freakin hate u haha:grr:


I am right there with all of you! My coworker/close friend just had a baby and I have not visited yet…not sure what my reaction will be. Oh and this week was especially great on fb…people announcing their SECOND pregnancy. Really? I am just looking to have one right now! Hoping our first iui in dec will be the answer…


OMG, fb can be hell somedays. A couple weeks ago I had about 5 friends in about 2 days announce they were pregnant and all by 1 was with their 2nd or 3rd baby. The best was when friends of ours announced they were 3 months pregnant and the mom-to-be started talking my ear off with baby stuff because “I can talk to you about this stuff.” She seriously had no idea that I should have also been announcing my pregnancy! I’d love to block all my friends with kids but the problem is, at my age, they all have them!! Sucks! Well I guess I’ll see if it’s my turn to be one of them on Monday…:pray: :bfp: !!!

Good luck ladies…


I KNOW exactly how all you ladies feel regarding FB. I actually deleted my FB account last week for the very same reasons. So tired of seeing everyone else pregnant, giving birth, baby pics, pregnancy status updates and the worse being people who Are pregnant complaining of their preggo symptoms!?! Just be happy your pregnant.

Anyway, so after deleting my account, I do have to say I FEEL so much better :clap:I made sure to get the contacts of people I do want to stay in touch with through email. That will be good enough for me

:cross: that my IUI worked this past week. GOOD Luck to all you ladies :grouphug:


I’ve considered just quitting Facebook. Might be the best thing to do.

Today has been a bad day too. I went to Walmart after a crappy day of work. After checking out, I noticed the “Angel Tree” where you can volunteer to buy gifts for children in need. I chose a two year old girl and was sobbing by the time I reached the door to leave. I want so much to shop for my own child but I am going to do whatever I can for this little girl instead.


Aww I’m so sorry you had a bad day. I have my days/moments as well. It is very hard to shop for other children when you want to be shopping for your own child. I know exactly how you feel. At least you will be helping this little girl in need. :slight_smile: I know that it does not make it better~ trust me I know. Take care and best of luck to you


I have something funny that may cheer you up

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Thanks for sharing! that was funny:clap: