Another loss?


Well, I’m 6 wks pregnant with my 7th pregnancy. Unfortunately, I only have 3 healthy children. I lost my 1st in my 2nd trimester. 2nd was our healthy miracle. 3rd was twins where 1 survived. 4th was a very early miscarriage. 5th our healthy boy :slight_smile: 6th was etopic. And now here we are a few months later. Pregnant again. Feeling healthy, but because of the etopic being monitored closely. My hcg levels are VERY slow rising. I feel like it’s a good pregnancy. I was so optimistic! And I’m trying so hard to hold out hope and just leave it all to prayer. I mean Drs don’t have the same knowledge and power as God. But at the same time…I am so scared of having to tell my children…again. I go back on Thursday for labs and then to see our options. At almost 6 wks…my hcg is only 146. It hasn’t gone down at all, but that’s definitely not the normal range :frowning: I have been reading about misdiagnosed miscarriages and become so hopeful. But then I read of others…like me…hopeful and then devastated again :frowning:


hi :slight_smile: so sorry for your losses - wondering how you are doing? I am also 6 wks pregnant and fearing another miscarriage…


Hi, I’m 7 weeks pregnant with my 5th pregnancy. I’ve m/c all 4 previous pregnancies at around 6 weeks so am really nervous at the moment. I’m constantly checking for signs of m/c and its a real effort to try and relax. I was diagnosed with mosaic Turners syndrome which basically means I’m missing an x chromosome in 15% of my cells. So theoretically 85% should be fine… just hoping this is a good egg! Having a scan this week. Wishing you all the best of luck! :pray:

missed m/c Nov 2011 9kws - passed at 6wks :wings:

m/c Feb 2012 at 6wks:wings:

m/c Apr 2012 at 6wks:wings:

m/c Aug 2012 at 6 wks:wings:

Currently pregnant @ 7wks (u/s this week) :pray:


I’m wishing you and your little one the best, Em79


moving on…

This is so heartbreaking to read, but I’m so hopeful that this pregnancy will be healthy for you. The numbers look awesome and I’m prayerful that a healthy baby can be held in your arms soon. :clap:.

I haven’t really wanted anything this badly and I’m not sure how to move on from these losses. I feel like nobody really understands what I am going through. How did you get through this?


I sympathize with your situation now!
However, multiple pregnancy is very much at risk of related consequences later, because the body still has not fully prepared enough to nourish the fetus, leading to increased risk of obstetric complications such as preeclampsia, eclampsia, bleeding …

According to the UN Population Fund, being pregnant so many times can make women bear the risk of higher mortality and disability. Stillbirths and neonatal deaths account for over 25% of births from mothers who underwent labour so early and so many times than others.

The study also showed that repeated pregnancies are at risk of preterm delivery, low weight at birth, stillbirth and infant mortality is also higher. Children born from those mothers have a higher risk of death compared to others.

In addition, compared with 1 -2 children mothers, the capacity of better raising kids is 2 times to 4 times higher than the group having so many children in the family, not only because the financial support, but also the spending time for them. The adolescent mothers have a higher risk of anemia 3 times higher than the other groups.

So, in my opinion, you should be very careful with the increasing family size decision!
Take care…