Another symptom ?


Hi all,

I held off for like 24 hrs with out a question about symptoms. I think I am getting better. Well I have been cramping since I had IUIs on 11/23 and 11/24. Since yday I feel as if someone is reaching up in my vagina and pulling everything down w/ an occasional cramp on left and right side with back ache. Oh did I mention I can’t stop urinating. So I called RE who said if I didn’t have a fever or was bleeding, it sounded like the uterus was stretching itself preparing for pregnancy; Oh God I am so hoping and :pray: I am prone to UTIs since I have interstitial cystitis aka painful bladder syndrome and I took myself off the meds because it was a Category B. I am waiting to hear back from the urologist to see if I can go do a urinalysis just to make sure. I did go and get one of those AZO test strips and it said there was a trace of leukocytes but no nitrites which generally means it is not an UTI. Has anyone else experienced frequent urination like this so soon? I am 7 days post IUI


I know its hard, but its best to try not to analyze all the symptoms that you may be having. I was convinced I was pregnant last month, with a lot of the same symptoms you mentioned. But alas it was not to be. However, another lady on my same thread had symptoms and was BFP. It is really hard to know.

I am also prone to UTI’s so I know your pain!


Someone else in another thread said it better than I could:

[quote=essemkay]I know how hard it is NOT to drive yourself crazy over-analyzing every twinge. But here’s a little timeline to help: implantation takes place 6 to 12 days after fertilization, then it takes a few days for the level of hcg to be high enough to trigger a urine test.

For the vast majority of people, it’s not until the hcg levels are high enough for a positive pregnancy test that they’re high enough to give you any symptoms. That being said, the trigger shots ARE hcg, so they can cause the same types of symptoms you’d be feeling from natural hcg. Also, progesterone supplements can cause the same types of pregnancy symptoms. Also, after doing stims, you can feel lots of twinges and stretching and pains as your ovaries get back to normal.

So the majority of people who have symptoms during the two week wait have them from the drugs and not actually from a pregnancy, although they may ALSO be pregnant, it’s simply too early.

Good luck!! :babydust::babydust:[/quote]


[quote=essemkay]Haha. Guess I don’t have to say it again. :slight_smile:

Good luck, toyisttc! It might help if you step away from the internet for a bit – you’ll just drive yourself insane. I know I did![/quote]

I hope you don’t mind my stealing your answer! It’s just phrased so nicely!


I Know How You Feel

I was really driving myself crazy yesterday trying to analyze each and every symptom I was having. After reading the responses to my post my anxiety levels went down a bit. I know how you feel, wanting and longing to pregnant. I hope and pray that you get your :bfp: this time around. For every :bfp: a woman receives a glimmer of hope is given to another. God Bless, and I hope your discomforts are not in vain.:babydust: and :bsv: to you.