Anovulatory cycles


Hi everyone,

New to the forum here! I have never had regular menses, and went on OCPs very young for acne and regulating my cycle. I went off for 3 months and, even though my cycles were very irregular I was able to get pregnant with my first child. Now I’ve been trying for almost 7 months off OCPs. Until this month I’ve had 14 day cycles with only one spike in BBT that only lasted 8 days before another period. Had all of my blood work checked which is completely normal. Only thought is that it’s stress related. Took a progesterone challenge a few months ago, and the following cycle was 21 days. Now I’m on a 27 day cycle but still no spike in BBT and a serum hcg was negative. Has anyone had a similar experience? If so can you comment on what worked for you? My next step is likely clomid but the thought of multiples is a bit terrifying!

Thank you in advance!