Anti-Mullerian Hormone


Got a call from my RE and was told I had a very low Anti-Mullerian Hormone level and so were my Progesterone levels at last check. A normal level of AMH should be at 1.0 or higher and mine is at .01 I’ve got an appointment Monday afternoon to talk with her about all this and find out where we go from here. From what I have read this is normally a problem in your mid to late 30’s. I’m only 29 so I can’t help but wonder why this is a problem for me. Is there anyone else out there that has this problem? I’m freaking out that she is going to tell us our only hope is IVF and I know we can’t afford that. We can barely afford this as it is. Anyone have any insite on this condition?


I’m sorry to hear that :frowning:

I actually have the opposite problem. My AMH is high its 7.6 and my RE states that its an indication of PCOS.

Your number does sound low for your age…maybe they can run it again just to be sure. Also AMH is not a predictor of egg quality.

I know my RE uses AMH levels as an indicator of ovarian reserve.

Good luck. I hope you get some answers at your appt :slight_smile:


Also I wonder why they ran an AMH on you after your first IUI? Typically they do that test prior to any treatments. Maybe its an age thing…I’m old in the TTC world :slight_smile:

Thinking postive thoughts for you!!!


My RE tested my Estrogen level first as part of their routine testing and it came back high. So, they checked my estrogen again and checked my AMH at the beginning of my second Clomid cycle. My Estrogen came back high again and my AMH low, they said it was unusual for my age and it “raised a red flag”. They said it could indicate that my ovarian reserve is low or my egg quality isn’t normal. Also, they pretty much said my “girl parts” (my wording lol) are older than I am…:grr: Met with my RE again and he suggested I switch to Femara and injectables. Also, I point blank asked him if I was a barren wasteland (I was a little down that day and wanted some more definite answers lol) He looked at me like I was crazy and said “No, far from it. There is alot we can do without having to go to IVF.” That made me feel a little better…even though I’m still undiagnosed for infertility. Hope this helped, sorry about babbling on!


thanks ladies :slight_smile: