Antral follie count and injects


Does anyone know if you can get more eggs than what your antral follicle count is with injectables. I’ve heard it both ways…my RE’s office told me that you can get more eggs than your AFC. Mine was 7, so they said I couldn’t have more eggs than that, even with my fairly high injectable protocol.

But then someone told me they had more eggs than their AFC…so does anyone know for sure. All I can find surfing the web is that your AFC can predict how well you’ll respond…but nothing about exactly what that number might mean.



My RE was able to get more eggs than my AFC. My AFC is about 10 on each ovary and my RE was able to get 22 eggs but there were actually a lot more, it was 22 that were mature. I think there were between 30-40 growing at the time of retrieval.