Anxiety as pregnancy symptom?


I have been really anxious and grumpy lately. Things that don’t normally bug me do. I guess moody wouldn’t bother me so much because I know pregnant women are hormonal, but the anxiety and the fact that things seem to get under my skin is bugging me. I have had 3 days out of the last 6 where I couldn’t sleep because my mind was racing so much. Sadly I know what causes my anxiety (work) and what gets under my skin the most (my boss). but their not something I can easily just get rid of, I cant just quit my job. Prior to pregnancy I never seemed to have this much anxiety/stress at work and I have been there for over 1.5 years.

Any one else experience anxiety as a pregnancy symptom? Did it improve or get worse as the pregnancy progressed?


Oh definitely. Lots of fixating on the negative for sure. I think that’s pretty common. I remember reading somewhere on here I think it was about women talking about how they would go through entire arguments with people in their head - just waiting for someone to piss them off.
I’d just try to focus on the positive, know you’ve got massive hormones right now, and not make any rash decisions or comments while you’re pregnant.



I definitely think that anxiety is a pregnancy symptom - the hormones just exacerbate everything. And for me, the prolonged nausea in the first two trimesters and now nausea w/reflux just make me feel incapacitated and angry for no reason. I am so jealous of happy pregnant women! I hope that I will be a much happier post-partum woman, but I am trying to prepare myself for the worst!


Thank you for letting me know that Im not alone. I hate feeling like I know my anxiety is irrational but not being able to make sense of how I would really feel. I hate not knowing if something really makes me unhappy or if it is all “hormones”. I wish there was a way to step back and just know how I would really feel.
Bethany- Im sorry your not feeling well. I have to count my self very lucky in regards to nausea/vomiting. My main symptoms are fatigue and anxiety. It will all be worth it in the end. :slight_smile: