Anxiety towards insects?


Entomophobia, aversion towards insects… couldn’t really pinpoint where that went, so I posted this in the anxiety section. I don’t hate bugs I don’t have any panic attacks, I just really dislike them but I don’t know when this even started. But this is usually the case towards cockroaches, really big moths and 10cm diameter spiders. Small bugs I could take them outside.I’m just really confused of… what is it that I have? because I don’t have panic attacks, but I do have this discomfort when theres a big insect nearby. Something else unusual is when I am warmed up or have just played a game of basketball I don’t actually fear bugs or gain discomfort (unless I face a venomous spider), its as though I’m more relaxed But when I’ve been on my computer for the whole day, I flinch when I see a cockroach on the wall nearby So… what is it that I have? and how do I tackle this issue?